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I am a director of photography, editor, and general man about town who has been using the medium of film and video to tell stories for eight years. Together with my team, we offer full service video solutions.


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About Me

Matthew L Craggs...

Ever heard of him?

My story in sentence fragments

Born. Grew up in tobacco belt. Got film degree. Worked in community television. Moved to Niagara. Met girl. Married her. Worked in a photo lab. Worked for myself. Continue to be thankful for wonderful wife, oddly loving cat, bad dog, and highly anticipated baby coming December 2014. My guiding principles are:

Advertising and marketing agencies

who want to provide their clients with full video production solutions, but do not want the hassle and overheard of doing it in house.

Marketing and communications departments at businesses and non-profits

who have a good idea of the video they want to create, but need someone to help grow the idea and make it reality.


who are doing something extraordinary, like getting hitched, and want to preserve that story in a medium that will last for decades.


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